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The '''"Door Ajar" chime''' is a feature available in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]]. The "Door Ajar" chime can be heard in some cars when the player leaves the vehicle with the [[Car Doors|door]] open or if the door gets taken off its hinges. As it is very hard to hear, the best way to hear it is to go to a quiet area (such as the Old Mansion off Beaverhead Avenue) and to turn the volume up.
#REDIRECT [[Vehicle Features#Door Ajar Chime]]
This is very realistic as most vehicles will not allow you to leave it open in real life as well.
== Vehicles Featuring 'Door Ajar Chime'==
* [[Admiral]] (Including [[Stretch]])
* [[Banshee]]
* [[Cognoscenti]]
* [[Esperanto]] (Including [[Roman's Taxi]])
* [[Manana]]
* [[Marbelle]]
* [[Moonbeam]]
* [[PMP 600]]
* [[Premier]]
* [[Uranus]]
* [[Washington]] (Including [[Romero]])
* [[Willard]]
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