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Doting Dad is an optional mission for Michael De Santa given to him by his daughter Tracey after completing Reuniting the Family.


Tracey calls Michael and say that she is being followed by a creepy stalker, who she met on the internet. Michael and Tracey then need to go to several locations looking for the stalker, after the stalker is found, the player can choose to kill him or spare him. If he is killed, Tracey will be unhappy and Michael will say that she needs to grow up and take care of herself. After this, Michael takes Tracey back home.

If Michael chooses not to help his daughter, she will be angry and shout that she will have to find someone else to help her out, before she hangs up. Some in-game hours later, Michael receives a text saying:

I had to pay sum dudes to beat that dude. Thank god I still have your Maze Deets. Bad dad!

When Michael receives this text, he looses $22.000 from his account, ending up paying for the dudes Tracey is speaking of. 

Mission Objectives

  • Meet Tracey
  • Locate the stalker
  • Kill or spare the stalker
  • Take Tracey back home


  • Once the player takes Tracey home, she will happily say goodbye to Michael, even if he killed the stalker.
  • Tracey's Issi has a personal license plate, which reads "P3RSEUS", after the high-end fashion brand in GTA IV.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 5 - Mission 64 - Doting Dad (Optional Mission) 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough06:22

GTA 5 - Mission 64 - Doting Dad (Optional Mission) 100% Gold Medal Walkthrough

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