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The Dinka Double T Custom is a high-powered Asian sports bike featured in the downloadable episodic pack The Lost and Damned for Grand Theft Auto IV.



The Double T Custom is clearly a customized variant of the Double T, sporting a custom snakeskin paintwork. Notable modifications include wider custom chrome wheels, a lowered ride and a stretched swingarm. Both the frame and swingarm are chromed as well. The back-end is also noticeably shorter, as the exhaust line exits under the engine instead of running up under the seat.


A Double T Custom in a pre-release The Lost and Damned screenshot.


According to the Uptown Riders' website, the Double T Custom features the same 900cc inline-4 engine as the standard Double T. It is however tuned to produce 190bhp, 20 more than the original, making it more powerful in both acceleration and top speed, but less nimble around corners. The lower ride will also prove problematic on bumpy streets. It is the fastest bike in the GTA IV era, with a top speed of 330km/h (205mph).


  • Under the overpass in Presidents City, at the end of Shifting Weight.
  • Can be stolen from Malc in Northwood, where he spawns for his random character missions. The player will either have to point a gun at him or have a wanted level and approach him. He will then walk away.
  • Can sometimes be seen during bike races, the player will have to kill the rider, thus failing the race to be able to ride it.
  • Can be spawned by dialing 245-555-0125 on the phone. Although it will always appear in green, the motorcycle can be resprayed in any available color. This does not block any achievements/trophies.

Notable owners

  • Malc, an Uptown Rider, rides an orange Double-T Custom for his transportation.


  • The Double T Custom is named the Double T Drag in the Uptown Rider's website.
  • Johnny will call the Double T Custom a hairdryer during "Hit The Pipe" and a pussypad in "Shifting Weight", both are biker terms. "Hairdryer" for a Japanese bike because of the sound. "Pussypad" for a weak or lightweight "girly" bike.
  • The Double T Custom plays the radio station The Beat 102.7 by default when entered.

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