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The Downtown Dirt Track, as the name implies, is a dirt track in Downtown Vice City during the events of both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


In GTA Vice City, the dirt track is designed as a lap track with a substantial number of bends and bumps, indicating that the track is intended for rough riding or driving. The track is prominently used in the Trial By Dirt and Test Track side missions, which involves the player completing laps around the track on a Sanchez and a Landstalker, respectively, which are both found parked on the southeastern corner of the track beside each other. Trial By Dirt and Test Track are reverses of each other.

In GTA Vice City Stories, the dirt track is significantly redesigned for a new set of lapped challenges. Instead of a simple lap design, the track, like the Harwood Dirt Track in GTA Liberty City Stories, encompasses a series of interlocking dirt paths that allow the game to plot or different routes for a lap. The track is also much bigger and dotted with palm trees. The track is prominently utilized in the BMX Time Trials, Sanchez Time Trials and Quadbike Time Trials. There is also Empire Building site on the south east side of the track.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • Health - can be found in the middle of the track


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories



  • In GTA Vice City the track is almost devoid of trees while in GTA Vice City Stories the track is dotted with trees. This is very likely that these trees were cut down between 1984 and 1986.