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Downtown Los Santos as viewed to the north.


The radius of the district, including Commerce (south) and Market (west).

Downtown Los Santos is a district of Los Santos, San Andreas, based on Downtown Los Angeles. Downtown Los Santos sits just north of Pershing Square, the location of the city's municipal government. Also adjacent to the area are the districts of Temple, Market, Commerce, and Glen Park.


Unlike many downtown districts in the GTA series, Downtown Los Santos is located at the geographical center of the city. This is the location of the city's tallest buildings (and the tallest building in the state) as well as numerous businesses and public facilities. There is no gang activity in the district.

The major highway that connects Los Santos International Airport (LSX) with Las Venturas bisects Downtown Los Santos into eastern and western portions, and establishes a connection with the highway servicing Ganton, Jefferson, and East Beach just south of Downtown. Just north of Downtown is the Mulholland Intersection, connecting the LSX-Las Venturas highway with the boulevard servicing Rodeo, Richman, Vinewood, Mulholland, Temple, Glen Park, Jefferson, Las Colinas, Los Flores, East Beach and East Los Santos.

Events of GTA San Andreas

During "Sweet & Kendl", CJ, Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder escape from a group of hostile Temple Drive Ballas members and briefly go through Downtown before splitting up at the Mulholland Intersection.

During the checkpoint race "Heli Hell", the player must pilot a Hunter helicopter through the district.

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