"Downtown is the central business district of Los Santos; whether that business is finance in Pillbox Hill, fashion in Textile City, or crack on Mission Row"
―GTA V digital manual

Downtown Los Santos as seen in the digital manual.

Downtown Los Santos is the central financial and business district of Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. It is bordered by Vinewood to the north, South Los Santos to the south, East Los Santos to the east and Little Seoul to the west.

Downtown Los Santos is based on the real-life Downtown Los Angeles district in Los Angeles, California.



Satellite view of Downtown Los Santos.

The district is the home of most of the city's skyscrapers and corporate buildings, including the large Maze Bank Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the city and the state. The headquarters of both the International Affairs Agency and the Federal Investigation Bureau are also present here. The western half of the district acts as the main financial center (Pillbox Hill), while the eastern side is home to smaller businesses and residential areas (Mission Row and Textile City).

The district is bordered by Olympic Freeway at south, La Puerta Freeway at west, Del Perro Freeway at north and Los Santos Storm Drain at east. Because of that the district is excellent communicated with the rest of the city. Also, Strawberry Avenue ends at the Los Santos Freeway. There are two Los Santos Transit stations (one closed) and several buses. However, heavy traffic is common all the day and night.


Places of Interest


Skyscrapers and Corporate Buildings



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  • One of the main skyscrapers in Los Angeles, the Aon Center, is not featured in the game, despite being a prominent landmark in the district and the second tallest building in Los Angeles and California.
  • Legion Square is a common place for the UFOs to spawn when in a modded lobby in Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • The Mile High Club has a secret room that isn't solid and can be accessed. When in, the police won't be able to find the player, who won't be vulnerable to bullets coming from other players climbing up the crane in the center.