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This article refers to the "Dozer" in GTA San Andreas. For a similarly named "Bulldozer" in GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Chinatown Wars, see Bulldozer.

The DUDE Dozer is a heavy earth-moving vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Dozer is designed as a four-wheel front loader. Obviously, the vehicle is devoid of any luxuries, and is depicted with an open driver compartment with no doors, leaving the player vulnerable to being pulled out of the vehicle by hostile NPCs; the Dozer is also equipped with an adjustable scoop. The color is only available in a blue-greenish color.


The Dozer is very large and heavy, and therefore has a slow top speed; the Dozer also features rear wheel steering, meaning that it is pushed into turns instead of pulled, making for a very small turning radius, although this also makes the Dozer more vulnerable to tailspins if in higher speeds. Its movable scoop can be used to plow through a bunch of other cars, which is no problem for this vehicle; as its weight and torque make it nearly unstoppable.

Due to its bottom-heavy design, the Dozer is designed to rest upright after a flip. This feature is very useful in Hunter Quarry's Quarry missions, as players can drive and flip the vehicle down several tiers of the quarry without the risk of having the vehicle resting on its top or side.

It shares the same engine sound as the Walton and the Tractor.



  • If the player tries to tow a Dozer with a Towtruck and the Towtruck is turned sharply in any direction, both vehicles will be thrown in opposite directions with great force.
  • It's movable scoop can be raised and lowered by the player when desired.
  • The Dozer is the only construction vehicle which lacks the radio.
  • If you use the Dozer against vehicles, they won't have visual injuries.
  • The name is probably just short for bulldozer, but it could also reference the fact that it is slow, as doze sometimes means to sleep.

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