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Dragon Brain

Dragon Brain Logo

Dragon Brain is a fantasy film that is advertised on the radio in Grand Theft Auto IV with the tag "Dragon Brain, coming to theaters, rated G for Gibberish." It is likely to be a parody of popular fantasy film series' such as the Harry Potter film series and The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The name could also be a parody of Dragonheart. The film's website is The film feature multiple action/fantasy cliches, including a "hero with a California accent" and a furry, talking sidekick who says one-liners during battle scenes ("Don't lose your head!").

As revealed by Lazlow on Chattersphere, there are also several Dragon Brain novels published.

Radio Ad Transcript

Narrator: In an ancient land, before time or sundials, it was time for a hero. This Fall, prepare to believe all over again, once more, again. Dragon Brain - prepare to believe.

Woman: It's a time before time... Oh no, here come the fucking dragons!

Man: We need a hero, or evil will reign for 2000 generations, and a million orcs will storm these lands, and the CGI bill will be apocalyptic!

Narrator: Dragon Brain - prepare to love.

Hero: I'm only a humble blacksmith with a California accent. How can I possibly rise up and conquer evil without a montage?

Man: How indeed? Do you believe?

Hero: I believe, in the miracle of merchandising! I'll need a furry talking sidekick to spew one-liners while I chop off heads!

Sidekick: (sound of decapitation) Don't lose your head! Hehehehe!

Man: We shall spin gold out of this drivel.

Narrator: Prepare to sit through a four hour journey.

Hero: I've got a quest: I must defeat evil, and sell franchise rights to theme parks!

Woman: We're cursed! The dragons! They're flying upside down!

Man: Nooo! The CG machine is broken again!

Hero: (yelling) DRAGON BRAIN!

Narrator: The quest is yours. Dragon Brain; coming soon to a theater near you. Rated "G" for gibberish.




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