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[[Image:Dragunov-GTAVCS.png|right|thumb|The Laser Sniper in ''Vice City Stories''.]]
#REDIRECT [[Combat Sniper]]
The '''Dragunov''' or alternatively '''SVD-1''' is a sniper rifle featured only in [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]].
It replaces the [[PSG-1]] from GTA Vice City, to fit the time period ([[1984]]). The weapon is referred to as "Laser Sniper" in-game and fires faster than its [[Sniper Rifle|regular]] counterpart. It holds 7 rounds per magazine and also appears as a [[rampages|rampage]] weapon.
[[File:Icon_gta_vcs.jpg|thumb|The HUD for the Laser Sniper in Gta Vice City Stories.]]
*[[Washington Beach]] - Spawns on the roof of the police station.
*[[Vice Point]] - Available at the [[Ammu-Nation]] shop for $8,000, (decreased to $4,000 when the player beats [[Phil's Shooting Range]]).
*For some reason, the red dot will become a non-transparent, red pixelated texture dot when aimed on the water. This is most likey a glitch. 
*The HUD looks like the [[PSG-1]] from [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City|GTA Vice City]] showing that Rockstar was intending to use a PSG in Vice City Stories, but it was cut because it would not fit the time period.
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