Carl Johnson, Sweet Johnson and Ryder are talking outside of Sweet's House.
Ryder I can drive as well as CJ, man, I'm telling you!
CJ Hey, homie, wassup. Hey, what you saying about me, fool?
Sweet Wassup, man?
Ryder I'm saying that the East Coast made you drive like an idiot, fool. Man, you always crashing cars and shit. And for some reason now, you back, all it is, is "CJ drive here, CJ drive there". Bullshit.
Sweet Man, why don't you just take it easy.
Ryder No disrespect, man, but you can't drive for shit.
CJ Thanks man. Nah, nah, nah, nah, say what'chu really mean.
Sweet You such a good gunman, homie. You gotta ride shotgun, show CJ what's crackin'.
Ryder Hey, you know something - you right. Yeah, CJ, you can drive, homie.
Sweet Haha, he's trippin'.
CJ, Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke get into Sweet's Greenwood and drive to Glen Park to perform drive-bys on Ballas.
Ryder So what are we doing, homie?
Sweet Rolling Heights Ballas country, do us a little drive-by!
Ryder You know somethin', matter of fact, you're our chauffeur for this little gig. C'mon.
CJ Jeez, thanks, G.
Ryder Just don't drive like no fool.
CJ, Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke stop at Jefferson, preparing to do a drive-by.
Sweet Yeah, Ballas turf. You dogs ready?
CJ Yeah, for sure, I'm ready!
Sweet Carl, just concentrate on the driving and we'll take care of the shooting.
Ryder Listen to the man, fool. Try not to park us up a tree or something.
Sweet Yeah, if the car stops, we're dead meat.
Big Smoke *after first drive-by* We iced them! CJ, lets hunt down some more!
Sweet *after next drive-by* That was way too easy! Lets go blast on some more Ballas fools.
Ryder *after next drive-by* What you waiting for, CJ? Find us some more Ballas so we can cap 'em.
Sweet *after last drive-by* Smash on it, Carl, smash!
CJ, Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke lose their wanted level by visiting the Pay 'n' Spray. Once this is done, they head back to Sweet's house.
Sweet Yeah, Grove is back, man, Grove is back!
CJ Yeah, for sure, they was slippin' man!
Ryder Man. I'm shocked you didn't get us killed, CJ! Let me check myself. Am I dead?
Sweet Hey, Carl, ignore that motherfucker, you did good today.
CJ, Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke pull up near Sweet's house.
Sweet You're down with the Grove and the Ballas know it, so watch yourself from now on, CJ.
CJ Yeah, yeah, for sure, you know that. I'll see y'all later.
Big Smoke Here, take this, go get yourself some beers.