The following is a walkthrough of the Drive-By mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Drive into Ballas with Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke.
  2. Take out all four groups of Ballas.
  3. Use the Pay 'N' Spray to lose the cops then take everyone back to the hood.

Detailed Walkthrough

CJ will meet everyone at Sweet's House before setting off for Ballas territory.

Ballas Territory

CJ will drive around into different groups in the Ballas Territory, so the OG's can perform drive-bys, it is too much easily to run over the Ballas, so the car doesn't has risk to take damage, you can walk outside the car to collect ammo but don't get too far (20 steps from the car) or the mission will fail

Losing the Cops

Once the guys have killed the last Ballas, you will get a two star Wanted Level and be ordered to lose the cops by going to the Pay 'N' Spray. If you try to pick up a police bribe it will not work. After doing this, wait about 10 seconds without committing any crimes and then the wanted level will be gone and you can return the guys to Grove Street.