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Drive-Thru Confessions Church

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The sign on the roof.


Advertisement for the church from the game's manual.

"What you do when you really need to get something off your chest, fast! The solution for the extremely devout, in a hurry."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Drive-Thru Confessions is a church in Palomino Creek, Red County, San Andreas. The church is featured on Rockstar's site for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and it's slogan is "Park 'N' Pray". There is a small confessional booth and a driveway going up to it, implying that people can receive services from the confessional by driving up alongside it. A Romero may sometimes spawn in the driveway of the church and a Shovel can be found in the graveyard.


  • Carl Johnson cannot use the drive-thru.
  • The sarcophagus at the end of the graveyard next to the church is strange, because its cover is shifted so the inside of the grave can be seen. A strange green glow can be seen eminating from the inside of the sarcophagus at night. 
  • It is worth noting that in the Saint's Row series of games, there is a business similar to Drive-Thru Confessions, Forgive and Forget. But instead of decoration, you can actually use it to lower your wanted level.

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