Luigi Goterelli Hey I've gotta talk to you... All right Mick I'll talk to yah later.
Mickey leaves.
Luigi Goterelli How yah doing kid? The Don's son, Joey Leone, he wants some action from his regular girl Misty. Go pick her up at Hepburn Heights... but watch yourself that's Diablo turf. Then run her over to his garage in Trenton and make it quick, Joey ain't the kind you keep waiting, remember, this is your foot in the door... so keep your eyes on the road and off Misty!
Claude drives to the Hepburn Heights apartment blocks and picks up Misty.
Misty You working regular for Luigi now huh? It's about time he got a driver we can trust!
Claude takes Misty to Joey's Garage and both of them walk inside.
Misty Joey... Am I goin' to play with your big end again?
Joey Leone I'll be with you in a minute spark plug. Hey, I'm Joey. Luigi said you were reliable so come back later, there might be some work for you. Alright?