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Drivetrains are the system of connecting the transmission to the wheels on a land-vehicle, many variations of drivetrains appear in Grand Theft Auto V. Compared to Grand Theft Auto IV, more drivetrain layouts are featured. GTA V seems to extend the AWD layout, and introduced Rear engine, rear wheel drive vehicles, as well as making many more cars front wheel drive, supporting their real-life counterparts.



  • Front-engine - Engine is placed on top or in front of the front wheels.
  • Rear-engine - Engine is placed on top or behind rear wheels.
  • Front-mid engine - Engine is placed behind front wheels, in front of cockpit.
  • Rear-mid engine - Engine is placed in front of rear wheels, behind/partly within cockpit.


The layouts featured are as follows (vehicles for which the drivetrain is hard to deduce are not included);

Front-engine, Front wheel drive (FF) Front-mid engine, Rear wheel drive (FMR) Rear-mid engine, Rear wheel drive (RMR)
Front-engine, Rear wheel drive (FR) Rear-engine, Rear wheel drive (RR) Mid-engine, All wheel drive (M4)
Front-engine, All wheel drive (F4/F6) Rear-engine, All wheel drive (R4) Mid-engine, Front wheel drive (MF)


  • Comet - Appears with driveshaft connecting rear engine to front and rear wheels, however in-game testing and claimed data proves it is simply rear wheel drive.
  • Cutter - Engine bay not visible, not enough power to reveal drivetrain.
  • Dock Handler - Engine bay not visible, not enough power to reveal drivetrain.
  • Dozer - Tracked vehicles do not have drivetrains.
  • Rhino - Tracked vehicles do not have drivetrains.
  • Guardian - (needs to be confirmed, either FR or F4)


  • Strangely, all wheel drive vehicles tend to "hide" their full layout. For example, holding the accelerator and brake will only spin the front wheels or rear wheels (depending on the "natural" layout), and driving against a wall only sometimes reveals if the vehicle is AWD or not. Currently, the best way to determine a vehicle's drivetrain is by rolling the vehicle upside down, and accelerating.
  • On the Rockstar Games Social Club, when the player views the modifications on their Online garage's cars, all rear-mid engine'd cars will show the engine location as rear-engine instead.

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