This section outlines the controls of driving cars in the GTA series.

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PC (defaults)

Up Arrow - Accelerate

Down Arrow - Brake/reverse

Left Arrow - Turn left

Right Arrow - Turn right

Spacebar - Handbrake

Tab - Horn/Siren (+ left/right to turn turret in a tank)

Return - Exit vehicle


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GTA III — GTA Vice City Stories

PlayStation 2

PS3 Cross Accelerate
PS3 Square Brake/reverse
PS3 Triangle Enter/exit vehicle
PS3 Circle Shoot while in Drive-By mode/handbrake
PS3 R2/PS3 L2 Look right/left respectively
PS3 L1 Change radio stations (GTA III, Vice City, LCS, VCS)
PS3 Left/PS3 Right Change radio stations (San Andreas)
Select Cycle views


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PC (defaults)

Up Arrow - Accelerate

Down Arrow - Brake/Reverse

Left Arrow - Turn left

Right Arrow - Turn Right

H - Horn/Siren

Q - Look Left

E - Look right

Return - Enter Vehicle

GTA IV is the first Grand Theft Auto Series available in PC version to have the disability on steering with mouse. The mouse control has since been replaced with the freelook function. Many of the players might find this fraustrating and works rather well with analog and/or mouse controls.

Keyboard steering has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of keyboard steering are that the players can get to perform drifts and skits more easily as the steering will turn to the maximum by just hitting A(for left turn) and/or D(for right turn) with any amount of pressure. In addition, it also takes lesser efforts to memorise the layout.

However, the disadvantages are that whenever the players attempts to steer their vehicles, they will usually end up getting their vehicles performing wrong steer projection and eventually causing them to total their vehicle majority of the time especially when cruising on the expressway which requires to only have a small amount of left turn/right turn angle.


Crotching/Squatting function is not available in all of the PSP's versions of Grand Theft Auto including Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories, as another analog will be needed in order to do so. One of the missions in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Nines and AKs) requires the player to crotch/squat and roll sideways with the crotch/squat enabled while shooting targets at the same time. This is one possible reasons for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas not being supported on the PSP platform.

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GTA IV — GTA Chinatown Wars

In the GTA IV Era the controls undertook a change, to make driving easier

PlayStation 3

PS3 R2 Accelerate
PS3 L2 Brake/reverse
PS3 Triangle Enter/exit vehicle
PS3 L1 Break window/shoot in Drive-By mode
PS3 Square Cycle weapons
PS3 Circle Switch to Cinematic Camera
PS3 Left/PS3 Right Change radio stations
Select Cycle views

Xbox 360

  • Xbox RTrigger to accelerate
  • Xbox LTrigger to brake, reverse
  • RB/XBox A for handbrake
  • LB break window/shoot
  • XBox Y enter/exit vehicle
  • XBox X cycle weapons (pistol/grenades/sub-machine guns)
  • XBox B cinematic view
  • Back change camera view

PC (Defaults)

  • W to accelerate
  • S to brake, reverse
  • Spacebar to apply handbrake
  • Left Mouse Button to attack/shoot
  • F to enter/exit a vehicle
  • Mousewheel to cycle weapons
  • 0-9 to select a weapon directly
  • V to change camera view
  • Caps Lock for cinematic view

Nintendo DS

B button - Accelerate

Y button - Brake

A button - Drive-by

X button - Exit/enter vehicle

+ Control Pad Right/Left - Steer

+ Control Pad Down - Use horn for any vehicle or activate / deactivate siren (Police patrol, Ambulance, Fire truck)

R button - Handbrake for any vehicle or sharp turn (boats only)