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Drone is a "9G" mobile phone operating system that appears in Grand Theft Auto V based on Android. It is featured on all cell phones manufactured by Badger and Whiz Wireless.

Its main competitor is iFruit OS which is featured on iFruit phones.

Drone is humorously described as copying the iFruit, similar to the real world accusations of Android copying Apple.

The DJ of Radio Los Santos, Big Boy, mentions that he witnessed two guys fighting at a party over which operating system was better.



Periodically, the player will receive emails from various characters, or even companies promoting new items in stores. For some personal emails, the player can choose to 'reply' to the sender, and a scripted message from the protagonist will be sent, advancing the conversation. Emails from retailers sometimes come with a link that can be opened in the browser.


The text messaging function of the phone allows the player to receive texts from various characters. Viewing a text usually prompts the player to call the sender, often to advance a part of the story.


Quick save

Allows the player to save the game when not in a safehouse. Quick saving is not available during missions.


Standard contact list used to call or hang out with people. If the player has ignored an incoming phone call, the icon will be replaced by a (!) indicating who to call back to start a mission. Pressing X (Xbox 360) or Square (PS3) while in the list will show the dialer.



Allows the player to take pictures or selfies in free roam which are then uploaded to the Rockstar Social Club. Several missions also require photos to be taken of specific things. It is based on the photo and picture editing app Instagram.


Standard mobile browser allowing the player to navigate the internet, buy vehicles online and manage stocks on the BAWSAQ website.


Allows the player to track another mobile phone with the same application. This app is only available during certain missions and the Submarine Pieces mini-game.

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