8-Ball: "I am late with a shipment of supplies and there's a very unhappy customer out there. Do me a favor and deliver these goods to him. Just be careful - this stuff is pretty volatile. The car out back is all packed and ready to go."
Mike: "Err, what exactly do you mean by 'volatile'?"
8-Ball: "Put it this way - I wouldn't want to be in the same block as you if you have an accident. An early fourth of July, Mike."
8-Ball instructs Mike

Droppin' Bombs is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by explosives expert 8-Ball from his home/bomb shop in Saint Mark's (incorrectly called Portland Beach) on Portland Island, Liberty City.


8-Ball informs Mike that he is late with a shipment and needs Mike to deliver it to someone in Hepburn Heights. He warns Mike that the delivery is 'volatile' and says that if there were to be an accident he would not want to be one the same block. Mike drives the vehicle to the customer in Hepburn Heights, who tells Mike to tell 8-Ball if the shipment is that late again he will slit 8-Balls throat.

Alternatively, if the player is fast enough, the customer will compliment Mike and 8-Ball for the fast delievery. Then, 8-Ball will text to Mike, saying that he will need three Diablo Stallion in three minutes, with the drop-off point being close to 8-Ball's bomb shop. Mike steal and deliever those vehicles and get back to 8-Ball. There, 8-Ball will say that he was in heavy debt with the same client, that have a particular fondness for Diablos; 8-Ball thanks Mike again for the help.


Post Mission Pager Message

8-Ball: Come to my pad, Mike. I need you for a muscle job. 8-Ball.


The reward for completing the mission is $6,000. The mission Scorelli is unlocked by completing the mission. Alternatively, if the player deliever the bomb and the vehicles needed (3 Diablos), the reward is $12,000.

Video Walkthrough

GBA Version
GTA Advance Mission 10 - Droppin' Bombs

GTA Advance Mission 10 - Droppin' Bombs