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Drug Dealer's Apartment

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Drug Dealer's Apartment is an apartment room located in one of the blocks in Denver, between V and W, East Holland, Algonquin, Liberty City in the HD Universe. It is featured in the mission Lure, where Niko Bellic is sent by Francis McReary to kill the owner - a member of the East Holland Drug Gang.


The apartment is located on the 3rd floor, and has three rooms. It has one corridor, a quite large living room which contains a sofa, modern paintings, a bed, and possibly an unseen bathroom. It is a modern style, nice luxury apartment.

Facilities include a TV, a phone (on which a number can be seen and used in the mission: 545-555-0122), a CD/DVD Player and large Speakers.


The player can't access the apartment in normal gameplay. The door is always locked, and the Fire Escape doesn't allow the player to enter either. A motorcycle is required for a glitch. The player has to jump over it and he will "teleport" inside the room. The only way to escape is to suicide or exit on the Fire Escape by breaking the window, but as stated earlier, he can't return in the room after exiting.


  • There is a large collection of CDs/DVDs. One of them is Madd Dogg's Still Madd.
  • The TV is only used during the mission, as the rest of the time it is turned off.
  • Some cupboards do not have solid textures, and the player can walk through them.
  • Some beer bottles can be observed, suggesting that the owner might be alcoholic.
  • The Apartment also has a retro layout. Including a patchwork rug and a small early 90's looking TV.
  • In the corridor, there is a crowbar which strongly resembles one from the 2004 game Half-Life 2, which is Gordon Freeman's (the protagonist of the game) "trademark". It has the same texture and model from that game, which may suggest that it was directly ported from the game itself. It is probably an easter egg for those who exploit the motorcycle glitch.
  • The artwork that is hanging on the wall by the window (as seen in one of the photos above) is the same artwork that is seen in Luis' Apartment but it's in reverse.


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