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"The traditions of Italy live on in this establishment. Just don't make any mafia jokes."
― GTA IV Manual Description

Drusilla's is an Italian restaurant owned by Pegorino capo Ray Boccino in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Drusilla's is located at the intersection of Denver Avenue and Feldspar Street in Little Italy, Algonquin. The restaurant is a main front for the Pegorino crime family. Boccino gives jobs to protagonists and hired muscle Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz at this restaurant. The restaurant is featured in the website as well as in the Grand Theft Auto IV manual.

Judging from the cutscenes, the restaurant offers pizza, coffee and other basic Italian food. The sound of water boiling can be faintly heard as Niko and Ray speak in the kitchen in the opening cutscene of Museum Piece.

The player can access the interior of the restaurant by accessing the FIB Buffalo cheat. The car has to appear inside the restaurant, at a location where the player can see it through the glass. Then walk near the glass and press the enter vehicle button. You should be inside the restaurant. There is not much to see inside, however, as it is not as it appears in cutscenes, only empty space and a table. The only known workers of the restaurant are an unnamed maitre'd, an unnamed waiter and Ray Boccino. Drusilla's also features a basement seen in the The Lost and Damned mission Was It Worth It?, where Johnny and Jim are held hostage, but then escape. It is unknown who took over Drusilla's after Ray's death.


The closest subway stations to Drusilla's are in Suffolk and City Hall, served by the C/K Inner Algonquin Line.




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