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Not to be confused with the DUDE Dumper from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The HVY Dump is an Off-road dump truck in Grand Theft Auto V


The HVY Dump is a large-slow moving vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V. The Dump is a particularly strong vehicle and can act like a lesser version of the Rhino tank due to the extreme damage it can cause other vehicles but unlike a tank, the driver is vulnerable and risks being killed by the explosions caused by the Dump. Even though its manufactured by HVY, a Brute badge is seen on the container. Unlike the Dumper from GTA SA, the tipper cannot be raised up and down.


It is based on a CAT 789C.



GTA Online


The location of the HVY Dump can be found in the video below.
GTA V - HVY Dump Location02:44

GTA V - HVY Dump Location



  • The word Dump is a double-entendre, referencing the slang term which means defacating. 
  • The Dump is one of the largest controlleable land vehicles in the HD Universe.
  • The Dump is the first vehicle in the HD Universe to feature suicide doors.
  • Fully running over a vehicle in the HVY Dump will blow up the both the truck and the vehicle as unlike the Rhino tank, the Dump does not withstand explosive damage.
  • When the dirt in the back is shot at, it will sound as if the bullet hit metal. The Dump will also fail to start up at first if shot repeatedly in the dirt.

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