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The Dune is an off-road truck in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Dune is designed as an off-road racing adaptation of a large cab-over truck, outfitted with improved suspensions, off-road tires, five running lights, rollbars, and a two-tone racing livery. Its design is similar to endurance trucks competing in long-distance desert rallies, such as the Kamaz 4911 rally truck.

However, its name could be derived from the Toyota Dyna. Like most trucks in the game, the Dune is only capable of carrying two occupants. The Dune can hit various vehicles very hard because of the shocks. The Dune cannot be modified at any modification garage.


The four wheel drive Dune features a powerful engine, and as a result, is remarkably good when negotiating off-road terrains, being more than capable of climbing up inclines where most vehicles would have more trouble traversing. Its superior grip enables it to climb the steepest grassy inclines even in the rain, something lesser offroad vehicles such as the Huntley or FBI Rancher cannot. It has one of the best torque-to-bodyweight ratio amongst the offroad vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, even better than the Patriot or Sandking. Its acceleration is powerful. However, its high center of gravity makes the vehicle unstable when tilting sideways, so caution must be exercised when driving the vehicle along bumpy terrain. The truck's soft suspension helps greatly in 'gliding effortlessly' across hills, as well as easing cornering.

While the Dune is ideal for off-roading, it has reasonable performance on tarmac surfaces as well. The speed and acceleration of the Dune is very good, similar to some low-class sports cars (PremierElegant, etc.). Braking is very good because of the soft suspension and high shocks. At high speeds, the truck is very stable and is very light for its size, definitely worth the effort of the Kickstart event.



  • The Dune is sometimes called "Duneride" in the game files.
  • The Dune plays the radio station K-JAH West by default when entered.
  • This is the second vehicle in the Grand Theft Auto series to be based on a Russian vehicle, the first being the Bulwark and the third and the fourth being the APC and the Cargo Plane, and the fifth being the Savage, respectively.


  • The Dune features a graphic glitch wherein the position of the ground's shine from its headlights is incorrectly located beneath the truck (overlapping its shadow). This will be fixed if one side of the headlights is broken.
  • If a player attempts to add hydraulics to the Dune through modding, the wheels will glitch and move to the sides of both doors.
  • If the Dune is spawned in normal traffic by manipulating the cargrp.dat and the vehicles.ide files, a small portion of its tires will be embedded in the road as a visual glitch. Slightly bumping the pedestrian driven Dune fixes this.


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