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|body_style = 2-door, large, single cab pickup truck
|body_style = 2-door, large, single cab pickup truck
|capacity = 2 (driver and passenger)
|capacity = 2 (driver and passenger)
|appearances = ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]''
|appearances = ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]''<br>''[[Grand Theft Auto Online]]''
|manufacturer = [[Bravado]]
|manufacturer = [[Bravado]]
|related = [[Rat Loader]]}}
|related = [[Rat Loader]]}}

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The Bravado Duneloader is a two-door vintage truck only featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The car features very strong design elements from the 1930s or 1940s. The truck cam be found in good condition or poor condition and resembles the Dodge Power Wagon from the late '40s. It could also be based on the 1938 International Harvester D2. Judging by the grill and the overall military-esque appearance suggests that it is likely a military surplus vehicle from the World War era. 

The truck features a long load bed with the absence of a tailgate.


The truck features a high ground clearance and high profile off-road tires come fitted as standard, it has a good performance when off-roading and excellent hill climbing, but has only average top speed and Handling.



  • This is the first beater vehicle that is seen in GTA V.
  • The name may be a reference to the Dune.



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