"To me? Who am I? There's a hundred guys in this building alone who fit my description. Middle aged men, paunchy, glasses...You bring them here? What's this? Empty office, leased to a guy who died in the last days of Vietnam...Call me up. My number never existed. No. I'm not too worried about that."
U.L. Paper Contact, about being caught

Dust Off is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by United Liberty Paper.


The United Liberty Paper contact wants the Russian businessman Eduard Borodin dead. The only way to reach him is through the air, so he sends Niko on a deadly mission to chase the helicopter. Niko finds the target chopper and follows it to the meeting place in the Western Algonquin docks. Bellic gains cover and ambushes the meeting, killing all the members including the chopper driver, allowing him access to the helicopter itself. Niko flies it to Francis International Airport in Dukes and lands it next to the Cargo Yard where the Company's mechanics collect it to install a rocket launcher.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get a vehicle and go to the Civilization Plaza
  • Follow the helicopter
  • Let the helicopter land, then move in to take it
  • Fly to the dropoff point on the south side of the Airport
  • Land the helicopter next to the Cargo Yard


After a meeting with United Liberty Paper, get a car and go to the Civilization Committee. A helicopter will take off. Follow it. Don't worry: you'll be on the expressway and should have a clear view of it.

The helicopter will land near the sports plaza in Westminster, Algonquin, where six armed men will stand guard, and two men will be at the entrance to a dock leading to the landing pad. It's best to take out these men at the entrance immediately (it will not alert the 6 armed men in the distance). With those two dead, take out the 6 from the helicopter (from a medium distance with a sniper rifle). Alternatively, at the right side of the entrance there are another entrance without any guard, it's a route best for who don't want to fight with the guards.

Fly the helicopter to Francis International Airport (a final goon will run at the helicopter as you take off, grabbing onto the leg...he will fall to his death as you fly towards the airport, or you can land the helicopter to crush him). Two FIB agents will collect the helicopter and his mechanics will install a rocket launcher inside.

A few in-game days later, Mr. Paper will call you, stating it's ready again and you'll start the next mission.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 50 - Dust Off (1080p)08:12

GTA 4 - Mission 50 - Dust Off (1080p)


  • Roman Bellic calls Niko during the part where he flies the Helicopter, asking Niko if he can join him at the Strip Club. Niko then replies by saying "I don't know if you can hear it Roman, but I am in a helicopter", he also mentions that Michelle's friends got him by the balls. which prompts Roman to say that someone has also got him by the balls, after this he sends a text with a picture of a stripper's butt. He won't call if the player did not finish the mission Hostile Negotiation. Unlike his other calls, this does not serve as an ironic joke.
  • This is the only U.L. Paper mission where you are not ordered to assassinate someone. If the player is quick enough, they can simply run past the six armed men at the helipad and fly away, although one of these men will very possibly grab the helicopter skids and fall off while over the city.
  • Do not hang out for long inside the Francis Intermational Airport, otherwise, the 4-star wanted level will trigger eventually. An Emperor will be there available to take.