Dutch London Street

Dutch London Street is a street situated in Rancho, La Puerta, and BanningLos Santos that appears in Grand Theft Auto V. It has connections to Davis Avenue, Autopia Parkway, Greenwich Parkway, Jamestown Street, Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, Carson Avenue and Signal Street.

Places of Interest


  • Avalon Laundry & Dry Cleaners
  • Diego's Auto Repairs (corner of Roy Lowenstein Boulevard)
  • Hearty Taco (corner of Roy Lowenstein Boulevard)
  • The Los Santos State Gas Company
  • South LS Liquor (corner of Carson Avenue)
  • Tony's Carpets


  • This street is named after the Vinewood actor Dutch London.
  • The street appears to be based on Sepulveda Boulevard and the Pacific Coast Highway. Sepulveda is one of the major thoroughfares to get to Los Angeles International Airport (Los Santos International Airport (HD Universe) from north or south. South of the airport, Sepulveda branches off and the PCH continues on to Wilmington (Banning), Long Beach (La Puerta), and past the Port of Long Beach (Port of Los Santos)