Dutch London was a famous actor in the Vinewood film industry.


Dutch London was an actor during Vinewood's Golden Age whose roles included that of revenging llama rancher Cal Bradshaw in the classic Vinewood Western, 1952's Bullwhip Fury. London himself has been described by some as a "chicken hawk", whose closest vantage to action during the Second World War "was a Dutch flophouse"; others have described him as a right-wing maniac with little to no acting skills. London would at some point leave his first wife (who later came out as transgender) for his Bullwhip Fury co-star, Betsy O'Neil.


  • Dutch London is so well-known that he has his own star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame. There is also a street in South Los Santos named after him.
  • There are several parallels between London and former U.S. president Ronald Reagan: both were famous actors and noted conservatives; both were well-known for their starring roles in Westerns; both were widely seen as avoiding combat during World War Two; and both left their first wives for actresses. Reagan himself was even famously nicknamed "Dutch".