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Dwayne Forge's Apartment is an apartment room located in one of the blocks in East Holland, Algonquin, Liberty City in the GTA IV Era. It is featured in the mission The Holland Play, where Niko Bellic is sent by Playboy X to kill Dwayne Forge, yet the player has the option to kill X instead.


The apartment is located at the 2nd floor, and has 6 rooms. It has one corridor, a bedroom, a bathroom, an unused room, a living room and a kitchen.

The rooms are very dirty, the bedroom has some blood splatters, at the entrance, the corridor and the living room are full of blood on the floor and some walls. Many furnitures are broken. The living room has a graffiti, and many magazines and newspapers.

The blood implies that while Dwayne Forge was in prison, hobos entered his house and beat each other. It is unknown if Dwayne killed anyone in the house. The reason of blood is never explained in the game.


  • The door is never locked, this supports the ideea of hobos mentioned earlier.
  • In GTA IV, The Vibe 98.8  can be heard playing in the living room. In EFLC it is swiched to The Beat 102.7


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