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Dynasty Estate-Agent Website.GTAV

Dynasty 8 Real Estate Homepage is the website of Dynasty 8 Real Estate featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

It is accessible in both Story and Online mode, but the map and list of properties will show as unavailable outside of GTA Online. Properties can be bought online as well as when facing the Dynasty 8 sign in front of buildings.


Location Price Description
Eclipse Towers, Apt 31 $400,000

"This luxury triplex is move-in ready! The previous owner was so rich he just left all his furniture. Just bring yourself and be ready for lots of new superficial Friends when people find out you live on Eclipse Boulevard in Rockford Hills. Includes 10 parking spaces."

Eclipse Towers, Apt 9 $373,000 "A massive furnished luxury triplex at this price? You've gotta love a bargain like this! Snap it up now before President Lawton loses the next election and they tax the hell out of you. Includes a 10-car garage."
Eclipse Towers, Apt 40 $391,000 "Eclipse Towers on Eclipse Boulevard... This is the best address in Rockford Hills! Stand at your floor-to-ceiling windows, take in the spectacular panoramic views, pour yourself a drink and toast how amazing your life is while you look down on everybody else. Includes a 10-car garage."
Eclipse Towers, Apt 5 $382,000

"Upper class living at middle class prices! Are you a single-digit millionarie who wants to live like a double-digit millionaire? You'll never find a better deal on a luxury condo in Rockford Hills than this again. Act now, it won't last. Includes a 10-car garage."

Tinsel Towers, Apt 29 $286,000

"Parquet flooring, granite countertops, floating fireplace, bland modern art, walk-in closet, towel warmers, leather headboard, man cave... This luxury condo in Tinsel Towers on Boulevard Del Perro checks all the boxes on the new-money millionaire ticklist. Includes a 10-car garage."

Tinsel Towers, Apt 45 $270,000

"Your split personality will be right at home in this retro-slash-ultramodern apartment building on Boulevard Del Perro. Go mad in style. Includes 10-car garage."

Weazel Plaza, Apt 101

$335,000 "Calling all actors! This is your chance to live on sought-after Movie Star Way in prime Rockford Hills directly opposite the legendary Richards Majestic film studios. Stagger out of your front door right onyo set! Includes a 10-car garage."
Weazel Plaza Apt.70 $319,000 "Movie Star Way! Don't miss this opportunity to live in one of the most exclusive apartment complexes in Rockford Hills. Even the janitor earns six figures in this building. Includes a 10-car garage."
Weazel Plaza, Apt 26 $304,000 "This spectacular condo on Movie Star Way in prime Rockford Hills is move-in ready! Don't worry if you're a rich Los Santos philistine with no taste - it's all been picked out for you. All furniture, appliances, fixtures and art included."
Richards Majestic, Apt 51 $253,000 "A luxury condo on Movie Star Way in Rockford Hills? This is one of the trendiest addresses in Los Santos! Imagine if all your neighbors were hedge fund manages and celebrities? Come on, live the dream. Includes a 10-car garage."
Richards Majestic Apt. 4 $241,000

"This breathtaking luxury condo on Movie Star Way in Rockford Hills is a stone's throw from Richards Majestic Movie Studios, AKAN Records and a Sperm Donor Clinic. The Ultimate trifeca of dying industries. Includes a 10-car garage."

3 Alta Street Tower, Apt 10 $217,000 "With its own Bean Machine outlet in the ground floor and a short commute to the financial center, this luxury condo on Alta Street in Downtown Los Santos is the perfect pad for the banker who never sleeps because he's having too much fun gambling with other people's money. Includes a 10-car garage."
3 Alta Street, Apt 57 $223,000

"Situated at the epicenter of the Los Santos financial, business and high-end shopping districts, you'll never have to see a poor person again at this luxury condo on Alta Street if you don't want to. Everything you need is right on your doorstep. Includes a 10-car garage."

Del Perro Heights, Apt 7 $200,000 "Luxury Del Perro Heights apartment complex! For all you voyeurs out there! This spectacular condo is one of the lower units so might not boast the best views, but all the buildings around you will have a direct eyeline into your awesome life 24/7. Includes 10-car garage."
Del Perro Heights, Apt 20 $205,000 "This luxury condo on Marathon Avenue and Prosperity Street, in one of the most stylish apartment buildings in hip Del Perro, directly opposite the Bahama Mamas nightclub for the perfect release at the end of a hard day's work. Includes 10-car garage."
1162 Power Street, Apt 3 $130,000 "Located steps away from a skate park, this cute-as-a-button one-bedroom in Hawick is perfect for families with teenage children or tragic 30-something hipsters with fixies. Includes 6-car garage."
0605 Spanish Avenue, Apt 1 $128,000 "This newly-renovated one-bedroom in Downtown Vinewood is a STEAL! Hurry this one won't last! It did last! $10,000 price reduction! Crazy value! Move NOW the price is right! Everything's negotiable. Motivated seller. Reduced again for quick sale! Will someone just buy this already??? Includes 6-car garage."
0604 Las Lagunas Boulevard, Apt 4 $126,000 "This building has seen better days - the closest thing to a doorman is a homeless guy you sometimes have to step over to get into the lobby at night - but how else are you going to find a Vinewood apartment in your price range? Hope you like the smell of urine. Includes 6-car garage."
0184 Milton Road, Apt 13 $146,000 "Cozy one-bedroom in a cute West Vinewood apartment block! You'll only share the building with a few other units, meaning fewer neighbors for you to grow to despise. Includes 6-car garage."
The Royale, Apt 19 $125,000 "The Royale apartment building in West Vinewood might not look regal on the outside but you'll live like a prince on the inside! PS Princes are douches. Includes 6-car garage." 
0504 South Mo Milton Drive $141,000 "This modern, renovated one-bedroom is in a well-maintained building in a great West Vinewood location. Buy now at the bottom of the market! Property values can't go any lower! We're absolutely sure this time! Includes 6-car garage."
0115 Bay City Avenue, Apt 45 $150,000 "Hello sailor! This renovated, fully-furnished apartment is right on the waterfront in Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club. Perfect for picking up other sailors. Includes 6-car garage."
0325 South Rockford Drive $137,000 "Location is in the eye of the beholder! Some might call this a busy traffic junction, we call it a Commuter's Dream! Some might call this Little Seoul, we call it Vespucci so we can up the price! Includes 6-car garage."
Dream Tower, Apt 15 $134,000 "Join the other creative types flocking to this neighborhood. With easy access to both a movie theater and a church, this apartment in Dream Tower is perfect for lovers of fiction. Includes 6-car garage."
2143 Las Lagunas Boulevard, Apt 9 $115,000 "What this Hawick apartment lacks in space and all-round condition, it makes up for in proximity to the local liquor store. Drown in debt and your sorrows. Includes 2-car garage."
1561 San Vitas Street, Apt 2 $99,000 "Original features! This cozy apartment in West Vinewood had only one owner, who didn't update a single thing since he moved in there 40 years ago and then passed away - it was days before anyone noticed. Includes 2-car garage."
0112 South Rockford Drive, Apt 13 $80,000 "This compact apartment in a 2-story apartment building has been meticulously maintained in its original condition! Semi-partial ocean view! Includes 2-car garage."
2057 Vespucci Boulevard, Apt 1 $87,000 "The apartment building has seen better days but his affordable unit still has a little soul and a lot of potential! Bring your imagination! And an exterminator. Includes 2-car garage."
0069 Cougar Avenue, Apt 19 $112,000 "This fixer-upper offers stunning views of the cemetery to at once remind you of your mortality and motivate you to get your act together and buy a better apartment one day. Includes 2-car garage."
1237 Prosperity Street, Apt 21 $105,000 "With both Wigwam and Up-n-Atom right on your doorstep, burger enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice at this apartment located in Del Perro or Morningwood, depending on which side of the building you stand. Includes 2-car garage."
1115 Boulevard Del Perro, Apt 18 $93,000 "With a funky retro decor and carpeted throughout, you can literally smell the history in this Del Perro apartment that features an almost unobstructed ocean view for an almost unbeatable price. Includes 2-car garage."


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Location Price Description
1 Strawberry Avenue $26,000 2 parking
12 Little Bighorn Avenue $32,000 2 parking
120 Murrieta Heights $150,000 10 parking
1200 Route 68 $28,000 2 parking
1337 Exceptionalist Way $112,500 10 parking
142 Paleto Boulevard $26,500 2 parking
1623 South Shambles Street $105,000 10 parking
1905 Davis Avenue $75,000 6 parking
1920 Senora Way $32,200 2 parking
1932 Grapeseed Avenue $27,500 2 parking
197 Route 68 $29,000 2 parking
2000 Great Ocean Highway $31,500 2 parking
331 Supply Street $135,000 10 parking
432 Davis Avenue $72,500 6 parking
4531 Dry Dock St $67,500 6 parking
552 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard $80,000 6 parking
634 Boulevard Del Perro $33,500 2 parking
754 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard $29,500 2 parking
870 Route 68 Approach $62,500 6 parking
8754 Route 68 $65,000 6 parking
897 Mirror Park Boulevard $35,000 2 parking
Greenwich Parkway, Unit 76 $120,000 10 parking
Innocence Boulevard $34,000 2 parking
Olympic Freeway, Unit 1 $70,000 10 parking
Popular Street, Unit 2 $142,500 10 parking
Popular Street, Unit 14 $77,500 6 parking
Popular Street, Unit 124 $25,000 2 parking

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