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EDITORIAL: Advertising Good for America is an editorial written for the Liberty Tree newspaper in May 2001 by associate editor Jeffrey Veselik.


Do you like our new format? We've included much more adverts, and far fewer stories. Why? Because we're an American newspaper. A lot of people claimed that when The Liberty Tree lost its much over-valued independence and got consumed by Love Media last week, that it would lead inexorably to a decline in standards. Well, I have two things to say to the doubters. Firstly, what does inexorably mean? I'm a journalist, not a dictionary. And secondly, my standards have certainly gone up. Since Mr. Love gave me a 300% pay rise, I've been able to afford things I couldn't have even dreamed of a few months ago. Integrity, "go figure" as my daughter would say. America was built by advertising. We need more marketing people, and a lot more focus testing. In these busy times, people only have a little time to spend on a newspaper. If you don't know what to buy, what do you get out of a newspaper?

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