EDITORIAL: Advertising Good for America is an editorial written for the Liberty Tree newspaper in May 2001 by associate editor Jeffrey Veselik.


  • "Do you like our new format? We've included much more adverts, and far fewer stories. Why? Because we're an American newspaper. A lot of people claimed that when The Liberty Tree lost its much over-valued independence and got consumed by Love Media last week, that it would lead inexorably to a decline in standards. Well, I have two things to say to the doubters. Firstly, what does inexorably mean? I'm a journalist, not a dictionary. And secondly, my standards have certainly gone up. Since Mr. Love gave me a 300% pay rise, I've been able to afford things I couldn't have even dreamed of a few months ago. Integrity, "go figure" as my daughter would say. America was built by advertising. We need more marketing people, and a lot more focus testing. In these busy times, people only have a little time to spend on a newspaper. If you don't know what to buy, what do you get out of a newspaper?"

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