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East Beach is a district on the north-east coast of the city of Los Santos. It is bordered by Las Colinas in the northwest, Los Flores and Ganton in the west and Willowfield and Playa del Seville in the south.


East Beach Map

East Beach location.

East Beach is controlled by the Los Santos Vagos. The district is based on the Long Beach suburb of Los Angeles. The only known resident of East Beach is Colonel Fuhrberger. East Beach is mixed race and is one of the most populated districts in East Los Santos.

East Beach contains a mixture of small apartments and bigger buildings in addition to a large busy road and popular beach. Despite the influence of gang activity, most of the area is middle-class. The area also houses the Los Santos Forum.

Events of GTA San Andreas

East Beach is a stronghold for the Los Santos Vagos gang and they come into conflict with Grove Street Families gang members on the border to Playa del Seville. However, control of the area is rarely challenged. CJ and Ryder, during the mission Home Invasion, enter Colonel Fuhrberger's home and steal weaponry and ammunition. They then load up boxes of weaponry into a van and take up to LB's lockup. East Beach, depending on the player's choice, can be a Grove Street Families controlled district through gang wars.



Places of interest



  • Grenades - On the second floor of the circular parking garage (on the same level as an NRG-500)
  • Micro Uzi - On top the circular parking building holding the 2 NRG-500s

Spawning Vehicles



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