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East Holland Drug Gang

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East Holland Drug Gang is a small-time chapter of Afro-American Gangsters and drug dealers, based in East Holland. They primarily operate out of the East Holland housing projects. Clarence Little is the most successful member of a gang, having a lot of bodyguards and making money primarily through pimping and drug dealing. One of his clients was Francis McReary, deputy police commissioner. Francis McReary wanted his relationship with Clarence Little secretive. Clarence started to blackmail Francis, Francis then hired Niko Bellic to destroy the whole gang, Clarence Little personally and one of his lieutenants. The fate of the gang after this is unknown.

Mission Appearences



  • The East Holland Drug Gang share the same pedestrian skins as the North Holland Hustlers and the African Americans gangs.
  • Even though they appear in two missions they are never seen on the streets.

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