The East Holland Police Station is a police station appearing in the Grand Theft Auto IV rendition of Liberty City.


The East Holland Police Station is located on the corner of Bismarck Avenue, Topaz Street and San Juan Road in East Holland near the north eastern shore of Algonquin, near the Humboldt River. The station has two entrances, both guarded by LCPD officers, the main one on San Juan Road and a back entrance on Bismarck Avenue.


The station is a possible combination of the LCPD and NOOSE headquarters. Like all Police Stations, a wanted level is attained for breaking into the compound. At the car park in the entrance, a few police patrols and cruisers are found in parking bays. At the south side a large building is found. You can enter the building, and walk up the stairs through the many stories to the top. On the roof there is a helipad, and a large open space. Along the building there are no walls, and it is open, so you can see down to the bottom from any floor. Halfway up, there is an exit from the building onto the roof of the second smaller building, whose interior is inaccessible to the player. However in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars there is a staircase leading to the top of this building, where Huang Lee will find a Security Camera.

Stationary Vehicles



  • In GTA IV, there is a poster which has LCPD officers and then the title: "We See It All, We Know It All". Above those words there is a picture of an eye, the all-seeing eye. This is a reference to the Illuminati, a secret group that has the all-seeing eye. This is referenced again on, where the Illuminati is heavily referenced.