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View over East Vinewood and Mirror Park

East Vinewood is a neighborhood located in Los Santos, San Andreas, in Grand Theft Auto V. The area also contains the sub-district of Mirror Park and the park of the same name.


East Vinewood would appear to be a middle-class neighbourhood judging from the many single story family homes lining the streets. It also appears to be growing with construction sites encountered in the eastern areas complete with the frameworks of new housing.


The neighborhood's name is based on East Hollywood and is based on the areas of Thousand Oaks in Ventura County, Echo Park and Silver Lake in Los Angeles, California.

Places of Interest


Roads and Streets


East Vinewood location.

Notable Residents

Events in GTA Online


  • Health Pack - on a set of shelves on the left just inside The Lost MC Clubhouse
  • Letter Scrap - near the center of Vinewood Racetrack



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