The Easter Basin Naval Station is a military base located in the Easter Basin district of San Fierro, San Andreas.


The base consists of a submarine pen and an amphibious aircraft carrier. A Hydra is parked on the deck of the carrier. However, the carrier does not feature any military personnel other than in the mission Vertical Bird. Also, the Hydra will not always appear on the deck of the carrier.

The carrier also has SAM sites, but they are active only during the mission Vertical Bird before they are shut down, which is optional, too. Regardless of whether the player chooses to shut them down or not, they never shoot at the player outside of the mission (confirmed on PC). The SAM site closest to the Hydra is also one of the 50 snapshots in San Fierro. However, to take the picture, one does not need to be on the carrier as it can be taken from a safe distance on a boat or taking a picture while on the Garver/Kincaid Bridges.

Easter Basin Naval Station is a possible reference to the now-closed Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco.

Events of GTA San Andreas

In the mission Vertical Bird, Mike Toreno comes to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson one last time for a job. CJ is to invade the aircraft carrier and steal a Hydra. Then, after having outfought three pursuing Hydras, CJ destroys several spy ships in the Sherman Reservoir. After completing his tasks, Carl parks the jet in a hangar at the Verdant Meadows airfield.

Stationary vehicles


  • One snapshot - above the mounted SAM site. This can be safely taken from distance from a boat.
  • Two oysters. These oysters are the most difficult to obtain because the player will instantly get a 5-star wanted level when trespassing within the base's perimeter, though sometimes it will drop to 4 stars if fleeing the base by boat:
    • One in front of the aircraft carrier
    • One in the middle tunnel of the sub pen

It is best to collect these oysters during Vertical Bird before reaching the back of the carrier, as the wanted level is deactivated for the mission. The mission The Da Nang Thang also allows exploration right after the helicopter was taken down. If not, it is recommended to use a speedboat for a quick getaway then escape east, go upstream and save at Mike Toreno's Ranch or the Fort Carson Safehouse. Alternatively, park the boat near the NRG-500 in the docks area and make a run for the Doherty Safehouse with the NRG-500 via the railway line. This will fail the repeatable NRG-500 Challenge but the upside is that the cops near the player despawn when the challenge starts.



  • There is a sign near the entrance that reads, "Unauthorized persons will be shot at". The sign is, indeed, true to its word. A similar sign can be found above the garage door at the Palomino Creek safehouse.
  • As with Area 69, if a non-player character enters the naval station, they will not attract police attention.
  • However, if Carl enters the naval station or flies at a somewhat low altitude over it, you will be given an immediate five-star wanted level. As mentioned before, the SAM sites will not shoot at you if you are inside an aircraft, unlike whilst flying over Area 69.
  • There is a helipad marked on the map where the Hunter spawns, but it is not actually present.