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Easter Eggs in GTA San Andreas

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Easter Eggs

  • On top off the Gant Bridge there is a sign that reads "There are no easter eggs up here. Go away."
  • Shooting the moon with a Sniper Rifle causes it to change size.
  • In the Los Santos cementery there is graffiti that only appears during 8:00 pm to 6:00 am the graffiti reads "Families 4 Life".
  • Near Area 69 there is a hole that is filled with six body bags.

A screenshot of the Computer in one of the Guard Booth in the San Fierro Airport

Gaming References


  • At night if you look up on the sky there are stars that form the letter R in reference to Rockstar Games logo.
  • Some of the clothes the player wears have the Rockstar Games logo on them.

Previous GTA Games

  • Across the street from the Angel Pine Cluckin' Bell and in several trash cans, there is a map of Vice City.
  • On Ryder's house there is a poster of GTA: Vice City near the TV.

Other Games

  • In San Fierro there is a tombstone that reads "RIP Opposition 1997-2004" this is referencing Rockstar's rival game companies.


  • Lance Vance appears as an action figure along with Tommy Vercetti in Zero RC shop.

Adult Humor

  • Taste the cock

    TASTE THE COCK on the back of the uniform.

    After destroying the Sprunk billboard in the mission Reuniting the Families the slogan "A taste of things to come" will now read "A taste of come".
  • Inside the building in the mission Just Business there are five statues one of them seems to be masturbating while the other four look away.
  • Inside Cluckin' Bell, "TASTE THE COCK" is written on the back of the employee's uniforms.

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