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Eclipse Towers is a residential skyscraper in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is located on South Mo Milton Drive in West Vinewood, Los Santos.


It is a 27-story (89 meters) white building based on the Sierra Towers, a high-rise condominium building in West Hollywood, California. The exterior of the building has been updated since the launch of Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Events in GTA V

The parachute jump Aim for the Fairway requires the player to jump from the top of the building and land at the Los Santos Golf Club.

GTA Online

In GTA Online, the apartments 3, 5, 9, 31 and 40 as well as the penthouse suites 1, 2 and 3 are available for purchase through The apartment 3 was later included on the High Life Update, with a different interior. After the Heists update, the Garage and Apartment entrance were both re-designed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players.

  • Apartment 3, $500,000 - "Part of the High Life Update. Perfectly proportioned, beautifully presented lateral living opportunity on exquisite Eclipse Blvd. This apartment is as unique as the new cheekbones your surgeon just gave you... by that we mean you'll see them all over town. Includes a 10-car garage."
  • Apartment 5, $382,000 - "Upper class living at middle class prices! Are you a single-digit millionarie who wants to live like a double-digit millionaire? You'll never find a better deal on a luxury condo in Rockford Hills than this again. Act now, it won't last. Includes a 10-car garage."
  • Apartment 9, $373,000 - "A massive furnished luxury triplex at this price? You've gotta love a bargain like this! Snap it up now before President Lawton loses the next election and they tax the hell out of you. Includes a 10-car garage."
  • Apartment 31, $400,000 - "This luxury triplex is move-in ready! The previous owner was so rich he just left all his furniture. Just bring yourself and be ready for lots of new superficial friends when people find out you live on Eclipse Boulevard in Rockford Hills. Includes 10 parking spaces."
  • Apartment 40, $391,000 - "Eclipse Towers on Eclipse Boulevard... This is the best address in Rockford Hills! Stand at your floor-to-ceiling windows, take in the spectacular panoramic views, pour yourself a drink and toast how amazing your life is while you look down on everybody else. Includes a 10-car garage."
  • Penthouse Suite 1, $985,000
  • Penthouse Suite 2, $905,000
  • Penthouse Suite 3, $1,100,000


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