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Eddie Toh is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing in Grand Theft Auto V. Toh is a character that can be employed by the player to help out with Heists in GTA V.


Eddie Toh is a Chinese-American professional criminal, specializing in procuring vehicles and mapping effective escape routes for heists. Toh is also an expert driver, known for his skill and professionalism. His standard fee for his services is a 14% cut of the gross take.


Eddie does not reveal too much of himself during the game. The only thing that he confirms as truth is that he is married and has kids and is doing this kind of job to get money to send them to college. He says this at the end of the heists The Jewel Store Job and The Bureau Raid. He also wants money to leave the life of crime.

Mission Appearences


Eddie's skills include:

  • Driving Skill
  • Composure
  • Vehicle Choice


  • Though it is never explicitly stated, it is possible that Toh had done something questionable before joining Michael's heist crew. Evidence of this is that when the player first chooses him, Lester may say "Eddie Toh? He's a professional. That's all you need to know", indicating that he's hiding something. Later during The Jewel Store Job, when all heist members reveal their past to one another, Michael speaks instead of Eddie and says "Eddie's been doing this for years. That's all you need to know about him for now".

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