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Eduard Borodin (Russian: Эдуард Бородин) was a Russian businessman and megabillionaire who was financing terrorists in Liberty City and America.

Events of GTA IV

The United Liberty Paper discovered his activities and had Niko Bellic and "Little" Jacob Hughes destroy the helicopter he is flying in, which occurs over water due to United Liberty Paper's instructions that there be no civilian casualties. An article about his death is written on the Liberty Tree website. The article claims that he attempted to buy a section of Middle Park to build a mega-mansion, and when denied by mayor Julio Ochoa he took his fatal helicopter ride to look for somewhere else to build it. He was also believed to be discussing buying the Liberty City Cocks.

He was first seen in a helicopter leaving the Civilization Committee, requiring Niko to gun down his henchmen in order to hijack it. Later, Niko follows him in the helicopter he hijacked and Little Jacob shoots down his helicopter with an RPG in southern Algonquin, while Niko is flying. It is highly likely that Eduard is associated with one or more corporations and at one point he was in Russia where his business enterprises are likely to have begun.

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