Logo of El Banco Corrupto Grande

El Banco Corrupto Grande is a bank located in Little Havana, Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The name is Spanish for "The Big Corrupt Bank", suggesting the bank is illegitimate. The interior is only accessible after completing the mission "The Job". The offices are restricted and will give the player a 4-star wanted level should the player enter the area and set the alarm off (even if the player wears Cop Outfit, they will still get a wanted level). Money pickups can be found in the manager's office and near the elevator.

The Job

The bank makes only one prominent appearance during the mission "The Job." Tommy Vercetti, Phil Cassidy, Cam Jones and Hilary King robbed the bank of $100,000. The money was the SWAT's "retirement funds", bribes that were taken over the years and kept at the bank. When the bank's alarm sounded, the SWAT immediately surrounded the bank and attempted to stop the robbery. Vercetti and Cassidy managed to escape the SWAT, with King (and optionally, Jones) as casualties.