You may be looking for El Burro a character in Grand Theft Auto III.

El Burro

El Burro ("The Donkey" in Spanish) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series which appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto 1. He is described as a homosexual Mexican living in the Aye Valley area of San Andreas who is in a feud with Uncle Fu and his nephew No Chin, who in certain point of the story attacks El Burro's Love Wagon. El Burro gives missions to the protagonist, whose objectives include destroying vehicles, destroying a drugs lab and killing several characters. In a mission for Samuel Deever, he can be murdered by the protagonist due to him drug dealing with the Rastas.

Characters killed under El Burro's orders

Missions given by El Burro ask the player to kill the following characters:


  • Many believed that the El Burro in GTA III could be an alternate universe version of the El Burro In GTA 1, but page 16 of the GTA III manual saying "El Burro is back" prove otherwise.
    • This is also debated further from his nationality, as his GTA 1 counterpart is Mexican while the GTA III counterpart is Puerto Rican.
    • This can be explained by the fact that in 1999/2000, Rockstar planned to make GTA III canon to the 2D Universe, but in late 2000 this was changed.

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