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El Burro (GTA 1)

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El Burro

El Burro is a character in Grand Theft Auto 1 and is a homosexual Mexican living in the Aye Valley area of San Andreas. El Burro is in a feud with Uncle Fu and his nephew No Chin. No Chin even attacks El Burro's Love Wagon. El Burro gives missions to the protagonist. These missions include destroying buses, a Yakuza Limousine and a drugs lab; killing Paco, Pepe, Jorge, Jose, Pedro, Alfonso, Rodrigo and Mike Tallon. In a mission for Samuel Deever, he can be murdered by the protagonist due to him drug dealing with the Rastas.


  • His apperance is similar to the apperance of El Burro from GTA III. The El Burro in GTA 3 could be an alternate universe version of the character as they look and sound excactly alike.

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