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El Gordo Lighthouse

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El Gordo Lighthouse.

Cape Catfish West Coast
El Gordo Lighthouse is a small settlement along the east coast of San Andreas. The grounds contain a house composed of Cape Cod architecture and a lighthouse on an island a few hundred feet away. It is located in Blaine County.

Known Residents

  • Ursula (only known resident here)
  • Ursula's mother (deceased)


  • The lighthouse in Cape Catfish was featured in an Epsilon Program video.
  • A gardener used to visit Ursula a few times a week, but Ursula claims he fell off the cliff one day.
  • The house itself bears a strong resemblance to the Point Fermin Lighthouse found in San Diego.
  • The Surfer and the Tractor commonly spawns behind Ursula's house.

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