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El Quebrados is a small town located at the northeast end of Tierra Robada, San Andreas, near the Verdant Meadows airstrip. It is situated immediately northwest of Aldea Malvada. It sits on the northern road connecting Tierra Robada to neighboring Bone County to the east, and is the last stop before continuing across Sherman Reservoir. Though the town looks depressive, some facilities are still present, including the El Quebrados Medical Center and El Quebrados Police Station.



ElQuebrados Map

El Quebrados location



  • Katana - Behind a house on the northernmost part of the town.
  • MP5 - Back of building near El Quebrados Barbers.
  • Flowers- In a gas station.



  • El Quebrados is Spanish for "The Broken", but incorrectly written, since "El" is singular and "Quebrados" is plural. The correct forms would be either "El Quebrado" (singular) or "Los Quebrados" (plural). However, the police chatter pronounces it as "El Quebrado".
  • El Quebrados is based on Bridgeport, California.
  • If the player meet and date Barbara Schternvart, the info box will call the town "El Quebradas" instead of "El Quebrados"


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