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El Quebrados Barbers.

El Quebrados Barbers is a barber shop in El Quebrados, Tierra Robada. It is the only barber shop that is found in Tierra Robada. Carl Johnson can get hair cuts and styles here. There is also a snack vending machine outside the store that the player can use to restore their health.


Style Respect Sex Appeal Price
Cesar 5 15 $60
Blonde Hair 0 15 $60
Pink Hair 0 0 $200
Blonde Afro 15 15 $300
Blonde Cornrow 30 30 $660
High Afro 15 0 $150
Wedge 20 20 $150
Detail Cut 25 30 $100
Groove Cut 30 30 $600
Mohawk 20 10 $200
Blonde Mohawk 10 15 $250
Pink Mohawk 0 0 $400

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