Interior view of the police station

El Quebrados Sheriff's Department is a sheriff's station in El Quebrados, Tierra Robada in San Andreas. It is here that the player will most likely spawn to after getting busted in the premises of Tierra Robada.

Barbara Schternvart, one of the six possible girlfriends that Carl Johnson can date, is stationed as a police officer at this station, which is inaccessible to the player. However, with the Hot Coffee modification, this house is unlocked and accessible. The interior has a copy room, main office and 3 cells.



  • Realistically, it is more likely to be a Sheriff's Station rather than a municipal police station due to the very small size of the town. El Quebrados' population is far too small and the town itself is not large enough to warrant a municipal police force. The town would be policed by the County Sheriff's Department and policed by a local Sheriff.
  • Contrary to popular belief it is highly unlikely that Barbara Schternvart actually lives at the station but works there. She would most likely live somewhere in El Quebrados.