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<center>[[File:ElectroGun.ogg]]<sup>[[File:Quotation.png]] ElectroGun Voice</sup></center>
[[Image:ElectroGun-GTA2-icon.png|thumb|The ElectroGun HUD icon in GTA 2.]]
[[Image:ElectroGun-GTA2-icon.png|thumb|The ElectroGun HUD icon in GTA 2.]]

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Quotation ElectroGun Voice

The ElectroGun HUD icon in GTA 2.

The ElectroGun is a fictional weapon in Grand Theft Auto 2. It is mainly based of a tazer gun but there is a few differences. The main difference is that this fires thunder and electricity out of the gun when fired. It is useful against a small mob as the gun fires everywhere forward and causes great damage.

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