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The Annis Elegy RH8 is a sports car in Grand Theft Auto V.


The car's greenhouse, front quarter, rear bumper area, natural rear wing and wheels are inspired by the Nissan GT-R (R35) SpecV. The front headlamps are reminiscent of the Infiniti G37's, which is also related to the Nissan Skyline/Nissan GT-R. The front bumper, rear quarter area and most of the car's rear face are clearly inspired by the Toyota FT-86 G-Sports Concept.


The Elegy RH8 features a twin-turbo V6 engine. The car accelerates relatively well from a standstill and reaches a good top speed. The car appears to have good weight distribution and also has good balance when cornering, including high speed cornering. Cornering feels responsive most of the time, with good stability afforded to the driver, even at high speeds.



(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)

Top Speed

(mph / km/h)

Stated Engines,
Game File Engines
Or In-game Engines
AWD = All Wheel Drive
FWD = Front Wheel Drive
RWD = Rear Wheel Drive
Gears Mass


In game Website: {{{0-62mph/ 0-100km/h time stated}}}
Speedometer: {{{0-62mph/ 0-100km/h time speedometer}}}
Game files: {{{0-62mph/ 0-100km/h time files}}}
In game Website: {{{Top speed stated}}}
Speedometer: {{{Top speed speedometer}}}
Game files: {{{Top speed files}}}


All wheel drive

6-speed dual clutch




  • Respawns infinitely as a "special vehicle" at each protagonist's delivery garage, as Rockstar Social Club bonus content.

GTA Online


  • The name "RH8" may be a pun on "RHD", an acronym that denotes a right-hand drive car.

Cultural references

  • The suffix "RH8" may be a play on Japanese codenames such as the "R3x" designation given to Nissan Skylines, before adopting the "V3x" designation.
  • It is the successor of the Elegy, a car which resembled the real-life Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 in San Andreas, with the RH8 itself resembling the Nissan GT-R, the GT-R R34's successor.
  • When fitting any rear bumper with a diffuser, a sticker is added that reads "Bay Shore", this is said as "Wangan" in Japan, this is directly referencing the famous Japanese Mid Night Club street racing team of the 1990s, the sticker also bares near identical resemblance to the clubs official team sticker.
  • Its description references the fact that authorities in the United States have been seizing any and all R32 and R34 Skyline GT-R models they can find, as they were considered illegal cars.  The R33 is not included because it been crash-tested during Motorex's attempts to get all Skylines legalized.


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