The player can obtain Tenpenny's indestructible Fire Truck in this mission. Obtaining it is very hard so practice makes perfect. For obtaining it, CJ must have a parachute, remote explosives. Then follow the Fire Truck. When Glen Park was reached, do not follow the Fire Truck in the alley way and take the road beside it an take the lead. After taking the lead, use the route used by the Fire Truck (The route can be observed and fail the mission and start again). On the intersection from the bridge entering Idlewood, take a right and keep the camera focused on the Fire Truck (This can be extremely difficult even the camera was not following the Truck, the mission fails for losing Sweet). Keep it focused until you reached the bomb garage and park the Feltzer there. After the bomb was fitted in, leave the garage and get to the Fire Truck still keeping the camera focused to it and follow it normally. When a police officer came out from the cab and reaching the ladder, keep the Feltzer close to the Truck. And when the "Sweet's Grip" bar appears, arm the bomb and and catch Sweet as fast as you can (As the bomb has only 7 to 8 seconds before it blow up). As soon as Sweet falls to the hood of the car, bail out of the car and it will explode (It will not fail the mission). The cutscene where Sweet and CJ switched seats will not appear and the Fire Truck will stop moving and will disappear as it passes the viewing


. Then, run on foot to the Fire Truck and enter it using the passenger side door therefore pushing Tenpenny out. Then drive to the Verdant Meadows hangar. Then park it to the hangar and destroy it using the parachute glitch. After the Truck explodes, use the remote explosives to kill yourself so the mission will fail. Then you will respawn to the hospital near the LV Airport. The drive to the hangar to check the Truck and congratulations! You have the indestructible truck. You can test the truck to see it's abilities.