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Gravelli: "And I care about my legacy. I've worked hard for this, this line of work. Now, some Russian assholes think they can march in and take control of rackets my family has run for fifty years."
Niko: "You mean fifty years of you bleeding this city dry might come to an end?"
Gravelli: "I know, it's a terrible tragedy."
Jon Gravelli tells Niko Bellic about his problems with the Russian Mafia

Entourage is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. It's the first mission given by Jon Gravelli to Niko Bellic. In it, Niko is told by Gravelli to meet the politician Bobby Jefferson and escort him to City Hall.


Go to meet Former Secretary Jefferson and his entourage at Grand Easton Terminal. Niko will be driving Mr. Jefferson to his speech in the central car in a three car convoy. Stay behind the lead car. Eventually, a series of roadblocks will lead the convoy into an ambush by the Russian Mafia disguised as Construction Workers. Fight your way out and rescue Jefferson. The best way to fight the Russians is climbing into some garbage cans in an alleyway in the street where the war occurs, reaching the houses roofs along the street and taking cover in a wall. Evade four more cars which will give chase and ensure Jefferson survives. Take Mr. Jefferson to the Civic Citadel, and the mission is completed.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Grand Easton Terminal
  • Get in the car
  • Pick up Bobby Jefferson
  • Follow the convoy car
  • Go out there and deal with them
  • Get Bobby Jefferson to safety


Liberty Tree Newspaper

"Bobby Jefferson, the Ex-Secretary of Security Enforcement, came to Liberty City in order to give a speech on the increasing threat of immigrant-led organized crime. However, Jefferson became a victim himself as his convoy was ambushed on the way to the Civic Citadel and he was nearly killed. Violent crime is becoming more and more prevalent in this city and people like Mr. Jefferson are asking why in highly paid speeches. The RICO statues and the pressure put on organized crime by new forms of surveillance has for years undermined the traditional criminal elements in this city. This void is being filled by hungry and ruthless criminals coming into our city from aboard."

"It seems that, as in every industry, these new gangs need to succeed more desperately than their American counterparts and they are willing to pay a price for success that others are not. Mayor Ochoa has to keep to his word and do something about this problem. Until then, the helpless residents of Liberty City must remain at the mercy of these foreign thugs."

Weazel News Radio

"Weazel News, where the assassination attempt of the day is always brought to you by Al Dente's -- All the mamma-mia you can eat!

"Is anyone safe? Even our politicians are now under attack! He's the former Secretary of Security Enforcement, but Bobby Jefferson's motorcade was attacked while making its way from Grand Easton Terminal to the Civic Citadel, where Mr. Jefferson had long been scheduled to give a speech about organized crime. Courageously, Mr. Jefferson took to the stage after the attack and delivered the speech. The mayor vowed to make these new forms of organized crime a priority. Mr. Jefferson's speech was not a xenophobic rant; he praised hard-working immigrants, particularly one nameless man who ensured that he could deliver his speech.

"At the Civic Citadel, I'm Jenny Acorn, Weazel News."

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 79 - Entourage (1080p)

GTA 4 - Mission 79 - Entourage (1080p)


  • The motorcade ambush in this mission is a homage to the famous alleyway ambush scene in the 1994 film Clear and Present Danger, in which Harrison Ford is part of a motorcade that is cornered and attacked in an alleyway by gangsters with RPGs.
  • 2 Lokuses in this mission have a unique color, a red shade, and a blue shade, both in black, you can pass or fail the mission to obtain these cars.
  • In the motorcade, along with Washingtons and Lokuses, a Coquette can be seen driven by the Gambettis.
  • The roadblocks will not appear until Niko gets in convoy for a short (less than 5 seconds) time. If Niko then goes to the roadblocks' location, the player can knock them down and even kill the first "construction worker". This will not change Bobby or the other convoy bodyguard's dialogue, they will still act as if the roadblocks were up.
  • If you shoot all the enemy Russians, the surviving bodyguards will follow you around and behave like Dwayne´s Backup, only they carry pistols and have the health of a normal pedestrian.
  • This mission happens after Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend and Ladies Half Price. This is confirmed by a news report on the radio and internet regarding the mission, placing it after the botched Gracie-diamond exchange. But this mission can be done before those missions depending on whether or not you've done missions for Phil Bell, Jimmy Pegorino, Bernie Crane and United Liberty Paper.
  • You can follow Bobby into the alley, then climb on top of the building he is next to and take out all the enemies while standing on the roof. Bobby will always mention guys "up on the roof", but if Niko makes his way to the roof, said guys on the roof will not spawn.
  • To "escape," you can destroy all of the Russian gang cars chasing you, but it's considerably easier just to outrun them.
  • The theme of Mr. Jefferson's phone is always the same as Niko's.
  • There is a glitch that, if one of the bodyguards survives, he will jump out of your car when you get close to the Civic Center. This will most likely kill him.
  • This mission is similar to the GTA San Andreas mission Management Issues where Niko and Carl drive the black Lokus and the black Elegant against two black cars where barriers are placed on the road. A policeman can be seen against the barrier in GTA San Andreas while a union worker can be seen against the barrier in this mission.
  • Due to a rare glitch, after the mission is complete, Bobby may continue standing next to Niko and the player is free to kill him, this will not change the post-phone conversation with Jon afterwards.
  • The player can call Dwayne's goons for backup, but after a cutscene of the player arrive at the meeting point, his goons will respawn in the sky of two stories above the entrance. However, it doesn't kill them because Dwayne's goons have enough health point before falling.