The front page of the website.

EpsilonProgramWorshipHouse is a website in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is the main website for the Epsilon Program.

The website is the first place the player goes to start The Truth mission series. They must go and complete an evaluation (as Michael only). Once the evaluation is complete they will get several text messages. Throughout the missions, Michael will keep getting texts telling him to donate money to the Epsilon Program. To do this, the player must go onto the website and click donate on the appropriate amount of money.

Upon entry to the website, the Epsilon Program's theme song plays.


  • If TrevorFranklin, or the GTA Online protagonist enter the website, they will be greeted by a warning saying that their I.P. has been considered unsaveable - effectively blocking them. Trevor and Franklin have dialogue mocking the Epsilon program upon opening it and clicking around.
  • There will be a new page added to the website for Michael if he collects all 10 off the Epsilonism Tracts. This new page is the complete Epsilon Tract of the 9th paradigm which has now been written.
  • The evaluation on the website provides the same results regardless of choice.
  • A website bearing the same address actually exists on the Internet as a parody by the game developers.
  • Epsilon Program now have Liberty City worship branch and expanding soon to San Fierro, Jakarta, Rome, and Alaska.
  • The Liberty City worship house previously is Cloe Parker Penthouse circa 2008 - 2013.