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Estancia Cigars is a fictional brand of cigars in Grand Theft Auto V.


Estancia produces hand rolled cigars. The player can smoke Estancia cigars while playing as Michael. In addition, a 10-pack of Estancia Cigars and an un-smoked cigar can be found on the small table next to the sofa in the living room of his mansion.

The Estancia brand can be seen on one of the two available liveries for the RE-7B in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Smoking Estancia

Smoking the cigars will not damage health as opposed to smoking cigarettes in GTA Online. When the player chooses to smoke, Michael will do it for about 10-15 seconds.



  • Estancia means "estate" in Spanish.
  • Estancia is the name of one of the songs on the Red Dead Redemption soundtrack.

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